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How to see a console log in Chrome for iOS? Tutorial

We encourage you to refer to the Chromium style guide. Read Apple’s developer documentation to learn more about Swift, xCode, and other iOS-specific resources. Chrome on iOS provides all of the great Chrome features our users love, including Sync, Translate, Incognito, Password Manager, Autofill, and many more. Chrome on iOS also integrates with native iOS features such as multi-window and device-wide password autofill. Developer Tools are pre-installed in every Safari (on iOS) and Chrome (on Android) browser. There’s no need to acquire the right devices, plug in the USB, or modify any settings.

Chromium Content Shell uses the same Chrome rendering engine, but comes without any of the browser specific features. Device simulators and emulators simulate not just the browser environment but the entire device. They’re useful to test things that require OS integration, for example form input with virtual keyboards. IPhone holds a significant share of Apple’s revenue and has been one of its pioneer products. But, if you take some time to get familiar with each tab to understand what’s possible, you may discover that DevTools can seriously boost your productivity.


If you log JavaScript objects this way, they will appear in the “Console” tab of the app as an interactive object representation. Get command line tools, older versions of Xcode and beta version of other software. To view downloads, simply sign in with your Apple ID. With Safari 9 and OS X Mavericks (10.9), Apple introduced Responsive Design Mode in Web Inspector. Developers use this built-in simulator to preview how web pages scale to different screen sizes, resolutions, and orientations. The Android emulator comes with the Android SDK which you need to download from here.

  • MacOS versions 10.14 and below are no longer supported.
  • Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.
  • And with Responsive Design Mode, you can preview your web pages in various screen sizes, orientations, and resolutions.
  • This new Inspect tool is intended to “help bridge the gap of missing developer support” that previously required building Chrome for iOS from source.
  • In emulation mode you can confirm this behavior is being applied and see the results.

DevTools are grouped in a toolbar at the top of the browser window. You can then work with a specific type of page or app information under several groups of tools, including elements, profiles, console, resources, network, timeline, audits and sources. Each tool makes it easy for you to troubleshoot issues, improve network performance, and get information about what needs to be done to improve your site. They also let you see your size with different screen sizes and resolutions. Google Chrome Developer Tools lets you edit web pages without the need for a separate tool.

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Ensure that websites on mobile work perfectly—even in throttled network conditions. Use the Network and Performance Panels to test website performance in throttled network conditions. Choose preset fast/slow 3G conditions or create customized connectivity profiles. Debug and optimize your website for peak performance in variable network conditions. This works great in all platforms, including Chrome OS, though do note that on Windows, you’ll need to first install proper USB drivers to talk to the device. If you’ve never tried it before you’ll also need to enable USB debugging on the device and confirm you’re using Chrome for Android Beta.

ios chrome developer tools

This is a great method of debugging your iOS devices as it gives you the closest thing to actually debugging on your computer. With this method you can use the dev tools on your Mac to connect to your iOS Safari browser. Inspect Browser is an iOS and iPadOS app that gives you a browser with developer tools. If you’re a web developer with an iPad, you absolutely need this app.

Google Chrome Dev

Simply pick your preferred device—or switch devices—and debug instantly. On your iOS device launch the Chrome app and navigate to Settings. The emulate touch screen setting will make sure your clicks are interpretted as touchstart and so on. Plus, synthetic events like zoom, scroll and pan will work. To pinch-zoom, simply shift+drag or shift+scroll to zoom into the content. You’ll get a great view of the content scaling beyond the viewport.

ios chrome developer tools

The app has a “Design” tab that lists different device size presets. Selecting one of these sets the viewport of the document to that size, e.g. an iPhone 8 Plus. Feature-wise, Chrome for iOS is on par with its Android counterpart, but is more limited in terms of underlying capabilities compared to other platforms. To address how it’s harder to debug webpages, Chrome 73 adds a new Inspect tool for developers to view JavaScript logs.

Using Chrome DevTools

Browse the latest documentation, including API reference, articles, and sample code. To use the Web Inspector, connect your iPhone or another iOS device to a Mac that has the Safari web browser and enable the Develop menu. To emulate Windows Phones, use Microsoft Edge’s built-in emulation. Consequently, testers must test websites on iPhone-Safari combinations to ensure flawless functionality.

ios chrome developer tools

You can try particular presets or easily can tweak these characteristics one by one. Between these two techniques, I’ve been able to troubleshoot my issues quite successfully. Generally, iOS Safari and Chrome act relatively the same, so debugging in Safari helps me clear my Chrome issue. And if it doesn’t I can always throw in more console.logs and see what Chrome is actually doing. Ideally, we should be able to debug the code directly on Chrome, like we can do with Safari, but at this time it’s just not possible. Sometimes, if I’m really diving into a granular issue and don’t want to wait, I like to use ngrok.

So Chrome on iOS uses WebKit, Nitro and CFNetwork where other Chrome platforms are using Blink, V8 and //net. The device emulation does not extend all the way to browser features or bugs. So, while emulating iOS, WebGL will still work and you won’t hit the iOS 5 orientation zoom bug.

MacOS versions 10.14 and below are no longer supported. The displayed Web Inspector window will allow debugging of the current web view. For more details about using Safari Developer Tools, refer to Apple’s documentation. With the setting enabled, you can debug any page running in Chrome for iOS by following these steps.